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Thread: Amazon / Tall/ Curvy

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    Hi all...

    Any ladies out there that are large in stature (not Bbw). I'm an infrequent visitor to this site and most links are not touring at present. No particular/specified activities desired (wrestling, domination, lift & carry, etc) but ope minded to specialities if on offer. Much appreciated.

    Fall guy

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    You need Annabel Taylor, and I mean NEED!!! She is a Amazonian princess!!! with a filthy mouth that she can use to an explosive effect ;-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by emilyuk View Post
    You need Annabel Taylor, and I mean NEED!!! She is a Amazonian princess!!! with a filthy mouth that she can use to an explosive effect ;-)
    Love you baby
    Freddo bars are now 50 cent! Has Fred grown up... gotten a mortgage and thinks he can take liberties??
    Frog faced cunt.
    Navan athlone galway Waterford coming soon hopefully on your face

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    Thanks for the reply annabel and info emilyuk.

    My fault, I wasn't clear in my initial post.

    What I was looking for is a lady who is minimum, 6 foot tall (without heels). Curvy or toned but not skinny or Bbw. Everything else is incidental.

    Irisladfun87 posted on a different thread last month......
    "Not so much muscled but cinthua mulherao 6-8 amazon in Dublin at moment. A true giantess"

    I searched to no avail. Anyone know of any amazons/giantess planning a tour?

    Fall guy

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    Only girl that you want and the First person that springs to mind (and that is defo a good sign of the lady) is Samantha.

    She's not advertising at the mo but she tours around when she does.

    absolutely lovely Czech girl and the bonus is she is jaw droppingly beautiful.

    She is easily 6ft barefoot, curvy in the right places yet slim (not skinny) slim and toned as well.

    She is defo the lady you should look out for.

    If you click on the link to her profile, you should be able to see a small thumbnail pic of her.

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    Samantha is amazing. A stunning Amazon for sure. Over 6ft and drop dead gorgeous!! She's back next week I think.

    Cinthia mentioned is in Belfast now. Dublin next week I believe. At 6ft 8 you'll find it hard to find bigger than her!!!

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    Excellent thread.

    Gisele is quite tall, into dom i see but not sure about wrestling etc

    Samantha ive heard is v tall etc as above but i've yet to meet her.

    Annabelle, never had the pleasure, her pics are great & attitude scares She'd probably break me up

    Ive met Cornelia who is not mentioned, V tall in heels, id say she is open minded so prob worth a call & ask (?). Id say she could be strong enough.

    There is another tall lady called Yeni who is 6' but no reviews allowed...

    Also mature Esther, not met but a tall well stacked lady, good reviews too.

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    Check out Melissa

    6'3 !

    No reviews yet....

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    Don't think she's really 6'3. Certainly doesn't look that tall in the pics. I'd say should be 5'3 and it's a typo!!

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    Thanks for the info. People, much appreciated.
    Fall guy

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