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Thread: Foster care Ireland

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    Default Foster care Ireland

    Keeps hitting the news tulsa needs a massive investigation
    Young child taken from grandparents and put into foster care because of their age

    The above story is disgusting that child going have serious issues as a result of those actions not to mention the ageism
    How many people where brought up by grandparents

    And now these poor people have all these legal cost going into the thousands so there stripped of there nest egg


    And you see some kids who are abused neglected left with unfit drug riddled parents and this child was removed because so uppity ass in tulsa took a case based on age and completely ignored the child welfare

    I really hope they get the child back
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    I have to agree with you on this one. My Grandparants pretty much brought me and my brother up when we were little and I think of my Grandad as my Dad. My Grandad died when I was pregnant and the saddest thing was knowing my child would not have him in his life or his influence, as he was an amazing man. My Gran taught me how to cook and care for people and my Grandad taught me about business and how to be strong.

    Age is not a factor when they are in their 60's and it's a mad old world where in one country a lady is giving birth in her 70s and in another they are having children taken off them when they are younger.

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    I heard this on newstalk this morning, shocking to say the least. When you hear about 69 and 79 year olds being aided to have their own child.
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    My granny looked after a whole heap of us, while my dad milked the cows, and mum brought home the bacon
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    there is alot of Grandparents holding up familys these days
    the boom did alot of damage to this country
    i have collected my niece and nephew from school some times
    and you see some of the kids Grandparents there picking them up
    cos the parents are at work

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