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    Just had a quick look at my old review of Nykitta and someone has had a "tidy up"... I don't mind my crap grammar and spelling being corrected but someone has added that I said her boobs were real! I'm not saying they aren't but I don't remember ever making that comment! Is this a general thing that happens to reviews?

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    Thank you for your feedback.

    Are you sure you aren't mistaken areyoubeingserved?

    I don't mean to doubt you but really what you are saying is very odd.

    99% of reviews here are never edited.

    Our staff sometimes edit reviews to add a comment from the escort or client that has been emailed to us, but these should always be clearly added as comments.

    Also our staff occassionally remove a line or two from a review, because it contains personal info the escort doesn't want published, like an apartment bulding name, or very rarely a statement that the escort is offended by and we think fairly, because it is swearing at her in a disrespectful way or OTT sexually explicit. On these occassions the review should say *removed by Sarah for being offensive* or similar though.

    Our staff have no reason to add a comment like her boobs are real to a review though. No escorts have a special relationship with us wherby we do things like this for them. Really it is so unthinkable advertising ladies wouldn't even ask us to.

    We have several staff in the office most days including some new staff usually, but all our staff are based in the UK and have no connection to Ireland or the escort business. They are normal ladies, many of them fresh out of university. They can certainly make mistakes like forget to put a profile up on time or even think Clare is in Kerry, but adding positive statements to reviews, that would be a very weird thing if any of them did anything like that, they have no reason to do something like that.

    This is why, I tend to think areyoubeingserved must be mistaken, but please feel free to tell me you are not if you are really sure you are not areyoubeingserved.


    Pat x

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    I could be going completely mad - it just seemed to be tidied up a bit and changed ever so slightly. However I did write it back in October I think so...

    Apolligies if I got it wrong which to be fair I very well could of.
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    Maybe your staff could look a little closer at the reviews they put up

    Just a suggestion but where a review is positive in the comments but the dope forgets to go through the multiple choice the review by default shows up negative could you not change your policy so that if the comments clearly don't match the multiple choice you either reject the review or at worst leave it nuetral

    This is a review posted today

    MMMMMM...could lick this lady all day long. She's great fun and they type of girl that would be great fun to have a few drinks with.

    Clearly it is positive but it shows up as a negative review

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