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Thread: The long and short of it

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    Default The long and short of it

    hello folks.

    well i would like to gain an extra few inches (what man doesn't) as girls like big men

    well I was with an escort in Manchester who said she could help me gain 1-2 inches extra.

    She's a dominatrix and has her own dungeon and a rack for giving us a good stretch .

    you are strapped into the rack by the ankles and wrists and gradually stretched while she gets to work on your penis

    she says it works wonders and guys are very satisfied with the end result
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    Make sure to take a pic of your knob beforehand just in case she tears the thing off lad.

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    the femdom / rack stretching does work, slavetoyou was a dwarf when he started, now he's a giant of a man

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