You know paws,your all talk like your a real man so i have a challenge for you.Since you seem to have a prob with me (like you did with the escort that you were attacking under your original username here when i quietened you) and to be honest i dont take your posts seriously anymore here is the deal.Since your all for peace and freedom of others and since you apparently think my not being here will change that ,both of us go.I am willing to leave the site and have my ip blocked for peace.Now are you man enough to go too?Are you a man paws.Nothing will ever change here.I dont need the backing of anyone you apparently seem to need it.The peace will always be interupted by both of us on here so i am willing to go and no new username.My ip addy will be blocked.It all comes down to two ppl and if they both go,then the site will be ok and will just move on.

Now theres the challenge.Are you a man paws?Can you handle it?Will you do it?Both of us gone and both of our ips blocked.Now can you deal with that.Im assuming you have a life and have friends outside of here?Right?So thats the deal,you and me gone when Pat is back from her sking.Now where is the man paws?


PS im putting this in genral chat because of the two reasons your little pals dont realise.I can and it annoys you.