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Thread: I visited a girl, who didn't allow reviews, a few weeks ago.... :(

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    Default I visited a girl, who didn't allow reviews, a few weeks ago.... :(

    Basically, it was late at night.
    I was super horny, short on cash... you know how it is.

    Anyways, I go through a couple numbers that seem promising, but no answer, probably cause it was so late.

    I see this chick for a low price, photos are reasonable, and she advertises the favorites I want.
    No reviews allowed though.
    No biggie.

    Ring the number, five minutes later I'm stepping into her apartment.

    Bish was in the middle of dinner - pizza and chips.
    That should have been my first red flag right there.

    She had her clothes on, so I couldn't quite see her body.
    Her pictures on the site were taken from advantageous positions, shall we say.
    She seemed cute though.

    I thoroughly go through exactly what I'm looking for, emphasizing the favorites I require, giving her a good firm stare, to make sure she knows I mean business.
    Okay, that seems fine.
    Hand over the 50 euro.

    She offers me a can of coke, which I accept.
    I feel tempted to ask her can I have a slice of pizza also, but don't wanna make this into a friendly visit - I'm here to get my jollies and bounce - so I let that go.

    Off come the clothes.

    It's like a fucking scratch card deal.
    You don't know whether you've won or lost until you scrape off the covering.
    Then you see you didn't get three matching numbers, and you're like, "Damn!!".

    Well, it was like that.
    The covering comes off, and I'm like, "Damn!!".
    Just a little more soft tissue there than I would like, but I figure the nasty favorites that I've requested, should be enough to get me to nut, either way.

    Next red flag.
    She starts sucking my junk, raw, without asking me to take a shower.
    I could have been filthy and reeking of urine - which, as you guys and girls know I'm sure, is not a pleasant sensation, in and around your mouth/nose - and she was still gonna put that penis in her mouth.
    Fortunately, I had just had a shower at the gym, but it made me wonder....

    When I've had my fix of that, I start pounding.
    She's on top first, bopping up and down on my dick.
    Then I take her missionary.

    I gotta be honest.
    It was pretty hot, and I get the feeling I'm gonna blow, so I slow it right down, until the sensations in my loins are back under control.

    Next up, normally my favorite - doggy style.

    Her ass was just not trim enough, to make this as enjoyable as it normally is with a girl that's in shape.
    The ass is everything in doggy style, and when it's excessive, shall we say, well, I'm kind of closing my eyes, and trying to imagine there's something more shapely in front of me.

    So I'm pounding away.
    Several minutes go by.
    Alright - time to nut.

    "Okay sweetheart. Remember what we talked about?
    I'm going to nut in your mouth, mmmkay?"


    She scoots about, I whip off the rubber, stand above her, and she starts blowing me to a sweet finish.

    Or rather, it should have been a sweet finish.

    Now - it was all good up until this point.
    No complaints.

    So she's blowing me, then she's jacking my dick off on her tits.

    What the fuck is this?

    I did not agree to splooge on no pair of damn titties.
    I agreed to splooge in that sweet little, red lipstick painted mouth of yours.
    I remind her of this.

    Back into the mouth with my 4 inch dick.

    Moments later - I don't fucking believe it.
    My nozzle is back pointing at her breastes's.

    I'm looking at her thinking, "you motherfucker! Don't play fucking GAMES with me!!".

    I take control of the matter.

    I start pounding my own meat, place my hand on the top of her by the head, taking control of it, and point towards her mouth.

    She opens up....

    Fuck me.
    Bish closes up.

    "Open your mouth, dammit!!", I say.

    When she opens her gob, and I feel her breath on the end of my sweet man ham, I know I'm moments from busting.

    But then she closes again, and tries to shift so that I'm pointing on her titties again.

    Back and forth we go.
    Bish is playing games with me.
    Every time she opens her mouth and I'm looking down at her, with her sweet little lips parted, the tip of my dick an angry red from the forceful pounding I'm giving it, and knowing that soon there's gonna be white sticky male effluent dripping from them luscious lips, and my head starts spinning from the thought, she closes up, and lifts her titties, as if to say - "no. here. This is your consolation prize. No mouth for you!".

    She's giving me just enough so I don't loose my temper and confront her, reminding her of our arrangement, but with no apparent intention of actually giving up the nasty finish either.

    In the end, I can't fucking do it.
    I end up lying down, closing my eyes, visualizing I'm being fucked by Isabella De Santos, and pounding away until I cream on my stomach.
    I make sure to get some on her bed sheets also, just as a little pay back.

    I'm all sweaty from exertion by the time I'm done, so I finish my coke.
    Then I take the coke she was having with her dinner, while she watches me, and drink it in front of her, as if to say, "what the fuck you gonna do, hmm?"

    She must have sensed my need to get one back on her or something, for her little bait and switch, cause she starts offering me chocolates and smiling pathetically - probably to try and pacify me and shit.

    I mean, what was I gonna do?
    I wasn't going after a refund, cause, I was there for a good 40 minutes, when I'd paid for half an hour.
    I had drank two cans of her coke, and filled my pockets with her foil wrapped chocolates.

    I decide there's nothing to be done but simply let it go.

    We're smiling again by the time I'm walking out the door, but damn.

    No reviews....
    I never had this issue with chicks who allowed reviews.
    Next time, I think I'll know better.
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    Such a fantasy man!
    You should write fantasy books
    Retiring for good soon
    Check out My Website

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    Quote Originally Posted by ana massage View Post
    Such a fantasy man!
    You should write fantasy books
    Pfff - no fantasy.

    Bish was in temple bar.

    Dunno if she's still there.

    Was indian, claimed to be living in England, but spoke with a heavy Indian accent, which made me think she was probably from the mother land direct.

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    Her profile's not in temple bar any more.

    Though, she said she only worked nights, I was actually her first client that night, so maybe it only activates after 9 or something...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ana massage View Post
    Such a fantasy man!
    You should write fantasy books
    He should change his name to Walter Mitty
    "Red is gone to bed but Horny is still up"

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    Sounds super

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    Pfff - what exactly about that story makes you question its validity?

    If I came on here posting that she threw my money back at me after the sex and begged for marriage - alright - call bullshit.

    I'm posting about how I got flim-flamed.

    Guys don't spin shit about getting screwed over to make them look good.

    Consider the logic....

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    Coke and chocolate, like you'd let that toxic crap into your perfect Zen body?

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