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Thread: The List -- Coming Soon!!!

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    Default The List -- Coming Soon!!!

    Does anyone else think that the whole list scenario would be an awesome movie script?
    Doesn't matter if you do its mine, copyright pending.

    Its a story of a group of misunderstood beautiful women, who tried to get a handle on a world that had forget them and passed them by...

    So they created a list, a list that would allow men do do despicable things, things that were against nature and an affront to god himself, as long as they were good and deserving and had buckets loads of cash(kind of like Santa's list, but more fun) until the list was found and used for evil!

    Was the list falling in to the wrong hands fate? or by some malicious agents design?( you will have to watch the movie to find out) Either way the list was now in the hands of a psychopath, like Freddie Krueger, Hitler and Hot Lizzy, who would like nothing more than to destory all knowledge and existence of the list.

    That person goes on a killing spree, using the know known "to kill list" to find their targets,
    until a plucky, handsome, intelligent and god damned sexual Tyrannosaurus lan78902000 took the case.

    Could he find the one who leaked the list and would lead him to the killer or who it be to late and those he loved... well mildly liked, be killed brutally while he was enjoying the women folk, only time will tell.

    Coming soon!!

    In a five page poorly edited post more than likely, but i may beef it up for Hollywood, they will make anything these days.
    "Say hi to your mother for me ok"


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    I thought this thread was going to be about a prostitute's list of clients!!!!

    That'd make a SUPERB movie!!!! Think of all the drama we've had here....

    I doubt a lot of government policy makers would like giving the industry too much non-negative attention though.

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    Give me a call Ian (It’s on the list ) and we’ll do lunch and talk is ovoer but like all big budget Hollywood blockbusters based on historical events we will pay no attention to the facts.

    Arnie says…Lights!! Camera!! Actshun!!!
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    I think Abby should've bought a book to help her with the list before she started. The dummys guide to compiling client lists and permutations of numbers

    It was book of the week in easons this week.

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