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Thread: Killarney massage.

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    Had a great Thia massage in Killarney the other day. Hot oil, hot stones and really hard. Had me crying out with pain a couple of times but I came out of there feeling 2 inches taller.
    Best I've ever had.
    I think if you mentioned extras she would probably break your neck but hey- horses for courses.
    Nothing is ever quite as it seems.

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    Where abouts in Killarney ?

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    Off Plunkett st.
    Nothing is ever quite as it seems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by samma View Post
    Off Plunkett st.
    I called to the place at St Anne st and it was locked up , lights on though

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    The one in St Anne's Road does offer extras however one is a TS who offers a Bj and massage for 50 the massages by any of them is only just about ok the rooms aren't great to be honest

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    Hey guys. Amy number for the place on st Anne's roads

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    Any number for massage in St Anne's would be interested in the ts.

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