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Thread: What to expect from boilerhouse? Teen here

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    Hey guys, I'm 19 and bi. Not really attracted to men apart from their cocks, so I like a bit of action on the side I've been thinking of taking a trip to the boilerhouse in dublin. I usually meet a regular guy, he is older around 55, im 19 but he has a massive cock, around 9 inches. I like older men. Wouldnt get with a young guy like myself. Anyway we havent been able to meet since his room mate moved back in. So were thinking of boilerhouse. What can I expect when I go there? I am quite young looking, would I need to bring ID with me? Any hot stories of what goes on in there? Wouldnt mind after a few sessions with my regular guy to get some other action would older men usually approach a young bottom like me a lot?

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    The Boilerhouse is well run and has just been refurbished so it is well presented inside. I don't know what it is like in the evening but you will meet older guys in there during the day. I would say though that bottoms outnumber tops, and, as a place for meeting total strangers, it has obvious health risks. I chatted to a guy once who said he might 'meet' as many as 7 different guys in one day there. The thought of that scared me so much that I haven't been back since. However if you like that sort of place you will enjoy it.

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