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Thread: How respectful are you?

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    Smile How respectful are you?

    Do you carry a tooth brush and paste if you are not travelling from home?
    Do you dress extra smartly, polish shoes, nice aftershave etc.?
    Do you always put the cash in an envelope?
    Do you always bring a gift / gratuity?
    You don’t complain when the shower goes cold?
    You fold the towel?
    When receiving OWO and you are about to cum, you let the lady know, as she doesn’t do CIM?
    You never wait till you’re asked to leave?
    You send a “thank you” text or PM / profile message afterwards?
    You are a member of “Respect the Escorts”?

    9/10 yes: You’re a bit OTT…like myself!
    7/8 yes: You’re a decent skin
    6/7 yes: You’re grand
    4/5 yes: Cop on a bit
    3/4 yes: Jayus wept
    0/2 yes: Feck off across the road where you belong, take JD with you.

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    6 your grand, phew
    Follow your dreams, there not going anywhere, unless you act on them.
    Don't put off what you can do today.
    Don't buy wireless earpods, there not there yet.

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    Stop talking shite and get on with it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calvados View Post
    0/2 yes: Feck off across the road where you belong, take JD with you.
    ▲▲▲▲▲This horseshit.
    The regular posters across the road seem on the whole more adult and civilised than most of the moronic drool mouthed cretins posting here.
    It's the freshly butthurt from here who put their respectful mask on here and who go over there to fling shit who give it a bad reputation. Both escorts and clients.
    But everyone loves the drama, even those who pretend not to read it, who pretend they're so much better than all that. The offence monkeys.

    By brushing your teeth at the appt you are increasing the chance of exchanging stds. Carry on being perfect. Good for you ;-)

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    Alot of busy escorts, I would imagine, don't need their boxes or phones clogging up with thank you texts or PM, 's. I know or suspect a couple that would not appreciate them(even if some of them reply to them.
    10,000 years of Middle Eastern civilisation and the place is not at peace but rather in pieces.

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