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Thread: OMG!! OMG!! OMG!! This nag is knackered

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    Talking OMG!! OMG!! OMG!! This nag is knackered

    I just found out I’m on this blog of liz’s and she’s saying she has pics of my meeting with her. I should have known something was up when I met all her punters running for dear life after seeing her not very covert hidden camera’s

    but I had the horn so I ploughed on regardless but did get a little bit nervous when I saw this sign

    got really nervous when I saw her T-shirt

    so I implemented cunning disguise option no 1 from my idiots guide to punting

    but then I saw that she was wearing a covert camera

    so I went with option no 2

    but I was so paranoid at this stage I said fuck it I’m taking no chances so I went for the old tried and tested

    then it turns out she is one of these conveyer belt type escorts on a tight schedule

    and worst of all we all had to wait or turn together as she always double books but I made sure I turned my arse to the Hotel camera's

    (don’t yeah just hate that when that happens?)

    and she don’t half blow her own trumpet about how lucky I was to even see her

    So we got down to brass tacks and fair dues she likes a bit off bear back

    Tea bagging

    Reverse oral

    But she didn’t half rare up on me..

    When I made the mistake of asking for some GFE

    She’s not mad keen on doggie style either

    then she only went and called the feckin

    I bolted and jumped straight out the top floor window

    to the sound of her screaming ‘OI PIKEY!!!! I DON’T ACCEPT FUCKING EURO’S MATEY!!!’

    Jesus all I wanted was a little

    But now I’m well and truly

    I hear she’s in Dubai now or maybe Blackpool plying her trade but still giving lip


    Oh I’m still recovering from the fall

    Thank for the memory’s liz but I think I’ll pass next time yer in town, my nerves are shot to pieces
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    Good man yourself you beat the old nag to the punch. How stupid was she to believe Black Bess was real. She's only an E-I horse. It's a good job I fed her alot of lies. I told her I had a pub and a horse Black Bess and my name was Seamus. I can't remember what surname I gave. She was the only one I told those lies to so it's obvious whose behind the blog. It'll be interesting to see what other lies I told her. I hope she doesn't tell about my fake sister. She came in as a handy excuse not to see her. This nag was never my type and a bit too old for me, I just felt sorry for her but was cautious about giving real information. It seems she's been gathering this information to use against people at some stage. As she always asked me things about myself so I made stuff up. I hope no-one was stupid enough to give her real names and personal info about themselves. What was my crime. Because I didn't stand up for her. I stood up for her countless times in the past. How can you stand up for someone that's lost the plot and needs help.

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    Well thankfully I was never sick enough to want to have sex with the saggy arsed lunatic therefor I never had any contact with her in her escorting capacity

    The result is that all she could discover about me was my avatar is stewie from family guy.

    It should be a lesson to anybody never to go next to near this psycho.

    And to guard your personal information

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