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Thread: Also looking for some companion in Galway...14th march

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    Default Also looking for some companion in Galway...14th march

    ....but seems that all phones are dead...and dont want to do I+D with the girls without verified photo and no reviews....negar Jurys ideal
    Seems to be some spanish girls new un town...

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    ...I am sending PMs but no luck yet.
    See one of the girls in my favorites than now shows not verified, but still think I will take the risk if get an answer to my private...
    This is a bad week, girls that I want to visit are in the `wrong town from my point of view

    I think will get a break now and come back in 30 minutes to see if my luck has change


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    Finally decide for a massage with Diosa.....and I will sleep with a big smile in my face.
    Tomorrow will be another day.... I will be looking for a bigger smile

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    What the fuck are you on about!!?????

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    Everything has a time and it is a time for everything.
    After visiting many beautiful girls, sometimes you get back to reality an discover than skills are as important or maybe more important than appearance.
    Last week meet a young lady with a body to die for, beautiful face in a `could be better location. Don't take me wrong, was great, but don't like than as soon as you touch her waist the ahhhhh and ohhhhs start, we been with far too many girls to know your own skills and how you look like.
    That is (for me) bad skills, where sometimes seems that the most important thing is you to finish the fast, the best.
    Yesterday, I get the opposite. Went through an in crescendo where first few minutes were OK and by the end I wish I stay longer...maybe I will comeback tonight again.

    Just a little reflexion this morning.
    Enjoy the day, have fun and take care

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    Ya many phones seem dead, gonna email or PM them and see where I go from there

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonny64 View Post
    Ya many phones seem dead, gonna email or PM them and see where I go from there

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