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Thread: Craic and the best country in the world?

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    Default Craic and the best country in the world?

    I'm in the North. I was in my local Tescos today. The cashier was having an animated conversation with a customer, but in a foreign language. When it was my turn, I asked her what language it was. No surprise, it was Portuguese. We then had a chat about Portugal, Portuguese and the Algarve. (Ombrigado!)

    The chap came later on to fill the central heating oil tank. He's from Monaghan. So, we had a chat about politics, cute hoors, what Brexit would mean to him and so on.

    This has never happened to me elsewhere.

    This is what I really like about Ireland, where anyone can talk on equal terms to anyone else; it must be the best country in the world.

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