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    Hi Guys have been out of the scene for a couple of years, but feel it might be time to come out to play again , who is the best lady for tie and tease in Dublin at the moment ..... I see as usual loads of girls offer it, but i imagine the standard varies a hell of a lot , it used to anyway....... there was a dutch lady around a few years ago, unfortunately her name escapes me; your help would be much appreciated

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    Cherry Wilder is the best Tie and Tease bar none

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    Cherry Wilder is amazing and will have you begging her to let you cum.

    I like tie and tease too , any other recommendations or girls here offering it?

    I want to check out the competition before returning to cherry yet again

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    Quote Originally Posted by peterpaul View Post
    Cherry Wilder is the best Tie and Tease bar none
    Yes . Miss wilder is defo highly recommended from me as well.

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    Still haven't tried tie and tease with Cherry - another must for me

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    Mature Abby UK, the best by far

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    Can anyone beat or even compete with Fetish Cherry for this kind of service??

    I really doubt it, i cant stop thinking about it
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