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Thread: Good looking Oriental Masseuses in Dublin

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    Default Good looking Oriental Masseuses in Dublin

    The Dublin massage parlour scene can be hit or miss. Some of the masseuses are stunning, others, not so much. Here are / were some of my favourites. Feel free to contribute if there are others.

    1. Yoyo in Haymarket - Gone
    2. Hong Thai on Dorset St
    3. Jasmine House on Dorset St (Mary)
    4. Sarah in Upper Leeson St - Gone
    5. Sunlight on Capel St

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    This is probably a stupid question but where can I find contact details for details

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    I find some places change staff so u never know until you get there. I will be in town tomorrow if you know any place good now? Will let u know if I find any thanks

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