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    Just logged on after a few days and I saw that a certain RAT is still trying to connect my account to other accounts and also claiming I'm another Escort trying to damage her reputation.

    This RAT got caught meddling with fake reviews and being the rat she is she is tying to take the attention off herself and trying very aggressively to tarnish not only my account but multiple user accounts and other Escorts accounts to further take the attention from her little mistake.

    It clearly states in the rules to not publish private messages on the boards and she has done on numerous occasions. I know she is a paying advertiser but she shouldn't get special treatment from her blatent disregard from the forum rules and we should all be treated equally.

    I asked the mods to check my account to verify I am a genuine user which they have. I will ask them again to check and verify my account again just for the rat in question and finally it might sink in to her little head that there is only one BEAST
    Mistakes are proof that you are trying

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    Hi guys I think you are not reading my threads we had enough of this kind of accusations. Instead of waste your time like this why you don't go and call all the sexy girls that we got in our website and have great session of sex all night then come back here and tell us how good you fucked all night..This is the kind of thread that I want to see here.

    Ps: The next person who does that I will ban him or her straight away..

    Thanks for your contribution guys and have a sexy weekend
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