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Thread: Election fever

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    Santa Election fever

    No not the one here, but Hookers for Hillary in the good ole US ofA


    "Taylor Lee, a 26-year-old from Houston, used to be a cake decorator before arriving at the brothel. It was hard work, she said, at low pay. She also waited tables, but her wages could barely keep up with the epilepsy medication that keeps her seizures at bay.“Being a server, helping out my family, and my epilepsy medication, which I had to have, was $10 a pill,” Lee said. “That’s a lot for a 20-year-old to pay. I have seizures in my sleep. If I don’t take my medicine for one night, I will begin a seizure. And that’s a lot of recovery time. I sleep for a day or two afterwards and feel bad.”
    Lee is sitting on a zebra-striped bench in one of the ranch’s six VIP rooms. She is slender and tan, with stick-straight blond hair and a cobalt blue dress that struggles to contain her. She has been at the ranch for six months and registered to vote when she got her medical marijuana card.

    Politics, she says, is her favorite subject. She is a deep believer in Obamacare and its ability to change lives by allowing people with pre-existing conditions to be covered by health insurance. She plans to vote in favor of legalizing recreational marijuana when it’s on the ballot this November.
    Lee said she feels a little pushed to support Clinton – but not so much that she will change the way she plans to caucus later this month.
    “I do think the Hookers for Hillary campaign is huge here,” Lee said. “I was told today that this interview was going to be about my support for Hillary, which is amazing. I think she would be an excellent candidate … But I will be caucusing for Bernie Sanders.”

    "Escorts for Enda"? Never happen

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    being American I find the America elections far more interesting this time than before and not as boring as the Irish one, they are so dry, Trump is a headcase but he makes it interesting

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