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    First thank you for the nice private messages i have received from some posters in relation to the Rubina Pleasure Princess thread i put up the other day. She is sure that...... i shall write a new entry at a later time on that thread with some more of my thoughts about this wonderful woman. it will be of course entertaining and not explicit.......Call it a mare appraiser for the review later in the year. That thread may then be shortly concluded unless anyone has any more good contributions.

    Now next my mind has had the idea of creating a new thread with one follows.

    To generate good ideas from different posters as to what might be a new thread to create. This way the entire intellectual brainpower of the entire forum is focused into one common objective. Do not contribute to the thread unless you have brainstormed a good idea. We want to keep back the fluff posts which are great for a standard banter thread......but not this one. We must keep our focus on this threads goal. From all the good ideas suggested by people on this thread a new one can be created.

    I do not know if i will stick around here (forum) i am busy with my every day life. But for the moment i will contribute by giving this place a kick up the ass in the entertainment value of its content. I am a leader so I am taking the lead. I shall now discuss the two ideas i have for a good thread and proposed parameters associated with each game.

    1) True or False Game - A Poster makes a statement about themselves and then maybe about 5-10 response, the first poster says if statement about them is true or false (made up). Then another different poster comes in with a new statement and so on. A new thread for this idea to be created by someone......copy and paste the parameters i have just stated.

    2) The John Dunne -Foreplay Banter Game..... named after our resident forum expert in talking to ........tapping........and plowing a woman to completion. The contents of
    last nights highly processed microwave TV dinner then busted into her mouth --"DROPPING LOADS ON YOUR FACE, SON" as the latest woman says Shut the fuck up. Note this is the first time Mr Dunne has seen the word foreplay in a while. The solution for happy CIM with your female partner eat some tasty fruit, a delicious fruit yogurt or some tasty jaffa cakes biscuits a hour before the fun begins. Thank your woman in advance for being so gracious in taking your ending.......she will take it happily with a mischievous glint in her eye because you had the correct food in advance. And try and have a good aim or it can get very messy

    Now having said this John Dunne please don't get offend you do make a great contribution with your posts and keep posting. I do think by observing this game thread named after may get some ideas - examples how to talk to a women that you can then use when out in the club or talking to a escort. And i have given you the answer to your happy CIM mouth question.

    Now onto the parameters of this game are the following.

    Two posters a man and woman of similar age or who have a good vibe banter away for 30 minutes on the forum back and forth. The goal is to have a amusing back and forth conversation that can be observed by the forum for entertainment value. Only two people to talk to each other at once. After a while the two posters each nominate two other posters to start their own one on one conversation. And so forth.......the only sound that should be heard is the sound of popcorn bags popping on the forum. A new thread for this game to be created by someone. These are my two ideas, i shall now take a nap and see what comes of this effort.

    See you on the boards....for the next short while at least.

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    Fluff!! Fluff!!

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