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Thread: Dinner Date in Dublin

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    Hi all,

    I was just wondering if there any ladies interested in a dinner date in Dublin this weekend ?

    I'm 23, in shape,not very tall (5'8), I would love someone to spend a good evening and have an interesting talk about everything and nothing, and have a private moment afterwards.

    Looking for someone around my age groupe, with English or French as a native language preferably.

    My Idea would be to meet somewhere for dinner, but I'm open any suggestions, in activity or restaurants.

    Would love to hear what your preferences would be for such an occasion.

    Thank you all.

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    U sound like a decent guy, but without reviews, refs, posts, u probably won't get too many offers. Sounds like you want a girl friend. At 23 I think it's better.

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    Fair point, i am fairly new to all this, not particularly looking for a gf, but definitely a good evening of fun. But I can see the risks involved, as in a random guy posting his ad might sound dodgy.

    But thanks for the reply man.

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    Too bad I'm not in Dublin I would've totally gone out on a dinner date with you xxx everyone needs to start somewhere. Xxx hope you find what you're looking for xxx

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    Hi Honey I am not in Dublin either.
    The problem with long bookings from unknown people is the risk pf him not showing up.

    Choose a lady who allows reviews and who you can speak to before meeting.
    Make sure the person on the phone is the person you will meet.

    The lady will take no bookings for 3 hours and spend time getting ready.

    Her time is taken up and she will be taking a risk.

    I feel a small depoist for this risk is reasonable, not much 30e to show intention

    Good luck and have fun x

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    Josephine's advice seems apt and helpful

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldmanribber View Post
    Josephine's advice seems apt and helpful
    Thank you

    It is nice to see a lovely request from what seems to be a genuine poster.

    Too many seem to have watched extreme porn and base their view of Escorts and the way we should be addressed on that fantasy.

    Each to their own as long as all consent and are happy that is all that is needed.

    Personally I think a naughty time can also be a nicely naughty time
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