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    Anybody ever play Russian roulette, I dont mean Deer Hunter style or having a Russian escort fuck you with a strapon af undesclosed size, but like this...
    You open the all Dublin escorts page, select verified pics and allows reviews (obviously) then pre select a line and a column , eg. line 10 and column 5. then scroll down and find the selected profile.
    Now the rules of the game are, you can make 3 selections but you must visit one of them in the next 24 hrs.

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    Sounds like fun, if it were free I'd be happy to play!

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    Use the filters on the page, narrow it down to escorts in your selected area + allows reviews + any favorites or price range you want, and then hit search. You'll get the number of available escorts. Just use a random number generator with minimum = 1 and maximum = no of escorts in search results, and you'll get a nice number that you can then hit upon a choice, or play again it you don't like it

    P.S. random number generator -

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