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Thread: Queston - Photo Authenticity

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    Default Queston - Photo Authenticity

    An open question, and maybe an admin can provide some insight....

    How can photo's be labelled as verified when they are clearly not the person in question?

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    Any specific ad link?

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    I won't name names, but I added a number to my phone. They then popped up in my Whatsapp where I can see their profile pic. On here they are advertising as a TS, but the profile pic on Whatsapp is clearly a TV and a completely different person. I have seen it mentioned before on here that this person is using fake pics. But they have their pics verified on their add, and even have some reviews saying how amazing they a look and that the photo's are accurate. Although, there is one review that says it is a completely different person, so the guy turned away and left. I don't see how admins let this pass

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    Sounds like a scam.. Anyway, i don't really bother if tv want to advetise as ts because i do believe guys who adore/love ts know what is the difference. In Switzerland 99% of tv advetise as ts... Feel bad about it but what can i do? They can do whatever they want, right

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    Exactly. My issue is more with the fact that they have verified pics, and positive reviews verifying that the pics are accurate.
    Also, hope to see you soon, if we are both in the same area of the country!!

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    Lucky in this forum have plenty of genuine dudes who can verify the authenticity of escorts advertising on Ei.. Feel free to ask them and don't be shy

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    Don't worry, I can verify pics myself! My question was more regarding a general issue with this site.

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    Sorry I missed you this time. I was away until after Christmas and was hoping you would be around next week. Next time hopefully!

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    Missed who irdave

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    Missed you. I will surely be around the next time you are here.

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