i thought i was bad.Have you seriously anything better to do than rant and rave about bollox on the forums?Seriously time to grow the hell up ppl.Its only an internet forum for christs sake,noone got knocked down and killed.From an outsiders point of view ,reading your jibberish personal bs is bordering truamatic.

Seriously,like dom would say,over to the right ,down there,back up,over to the left,ah right there.Its called the on / off switch on your pc.We have them at Westville and apparently a two set rule is applicable,

(1) turn off pc,
(2) go about your day,

For those who fight.Guess what?Nobody cares.Nobody actually cares about your fights and besides and this is what constipates me the most,is that if your friends and you fall out and have contact numbers,why not take it off the site and deal with it privately?

Regardless grow the hell up.Its like kindergarten.Oh and about personal info,like "The Sweetie" (reg tm) said will you ppl stop telling strangers your personal info until you are 100% certain you can trust them.

As far as bigbadjohn goes,i think he is one of the more respectful ppl on here.Always kept things decent,never got involved in the fights and no has the thankless job of trying to keep ppl happy against their wishes.I see some say that he may have access to personal pms ,info etc.I personally dont think he does as i cant see why he would be given access to a database but even so,there is a big difference between having access and actually snooping around.You ppl that criticise him for it do so because its a reflection of your own weakness.Thats right ,you think he is doing it because its what YOU would do under the same circumstances.The robber always watches his stuff because he thinks everyone is like himself and will rob.

Let me tell you another thing.Itakes a far bigger person to take something on the chin and move on then it is to attack online,threaten to give out personal info about ppl,interfere in ppls business etc.I know real names of a few here and personal info too and let me tell you one thing.If any of these ppl attacked me or even if they called me the biggest sadest prick that they ever met,i would just delete their details and move on.Never and i mean never woulkd i lower myself or drag myself down to the level of interfereing with another persons life or naming them or discussing their personal business on here.Its the ultimate betrayal and not only that but it only drags YOU down to a level of shite.

Bottom line is grow up and start learning to treat ppl with respect because trust me when i say that sooner or later it will come back and bite you in various shapes and forms.All you ppl claim to be adults?Right?I was told by one or two that i was insecure LOL right?So to those that insist on fighting prove it.Prove it right here and now that your adults and able to take the good with the bad.Go ahead and prove me wrong.Prove that your adult enough to just let athing lie and move on.You do have a life right?you do have other things to do right?You are emotionally secure and mentally stable right?You have the toughness to weather the strom right?Well prove it.All it takes is just to let matters lie and carryon posting.

As far as im concerned im leaving here anyway and gone from here anyway.A fascinating little journey.Hope you got as much laughs as i got here.Like i said this world os escorting was only a passing phrase for me and if any of you are unfortuate enough to know who i am, come over and say hi.I dont bite.


PS fuckin ladoooooooo and all at ladooland are apparently going on strike?On strike from what?Payed resting states?Jesus ,any of you civil servants or public sector ppl that think we cant do without you are kidding yourselves.Even Marco Polo did without public transport and there is the knockon effect.

hahahhahahah no buses = no grannies = no grannies = no ladoooooooooo = no ladooooooooooo = no fun.

Publice service have this country robbed.A collection of,whats the plural of bollox?Bollea maybe?A collection of bollea LOL

Note,no names on this post,no threats on this post,no