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Thread: Dublin Streets

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    Default Dublin Streets

    Went out tonight 19th December 2015 Saturday to check out what was around.

    Saw 6 girls, all around the Mespil Hotel, 5 of them I would't touch, missing teeth etc.

    Found this one girl (Irish/black) only new in her 20's, picked her up and back to my place, very sexy, she even offered sex without a condom.

    80euro for anything I wanted and included anal, she did want an extra 50euro for the morning after pill if I came inside her.

    Nice to know the streets are still alive.

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    Missing teeth?? I pity them.
    Streets alive with what? disease?
    10,000 years of Middle Eastern civilisation and the place is not at peace but rather in pieces.

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    Horrible creatures

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    Taking life into ur own hands there seeing one of those girls...alot of them girls are junkies
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    Never have I read a post so SAD.

    In this day and age of apartments and technology being applied to what is the oldest profession in the world there are still girls who have to resort to walking the streets selling themselves.
    These girls are a sad reflection of an industry with enough flaws that it doesn't need such a mirror.

    Missing teeth..................probably from beatings and unlikely to be work in progress by a dental technician.
    Willing to do Bareback............desperate is more likely than willing.
    €80 for you know the cost of her next fix.

    When you looked at these girls what did you see?

    Did you see your mother? sister? wife? loved one? or just a piece of meat,of which you wouldn't touch because someone, like you, had found them unusable and beat their teeth in.

    Yours indeed is a sad post for it not only tells us that there are these girls, unfortunate girls, who need help but it also tells us about you.

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    Sounds like the imagination of a sick fnuck running wild, 4/5% chance this actually happened imo.

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    without a condom? she cud be riddled, but then its mostly auld farmers that cruise around lookin for der hole so she cud be as clean as a whistle

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    Quote Originally Posted by Irish Sarah View Post
    Horrible creatures
    I do hope you are referring to the guys picking these ladies up and not the girls.

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    I agree with SecretaryLover. This is a spoof thread. If you went with a street girl who offered sex without a condom and anal then you are dead. You just don't know it yet!

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    He'll know in 10 years wen the aids virus kicks in

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