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Thread: Becoming a Regular Client

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    Lightbulb Becoming a Regular Client

    Hi folks,

    I've had some pretty bad experiences of late and to a point where its really put me off.
    Some encounters are definitely from poor judgement on my behalf
    As I should have stuck with trusted reviews, thrown in some pretty bad locations for some of these bookings and its just took the enjoyment out of it for me.
    What Id like is a lady who is 100% independent, works from a decent clean appartment and generally resides in the same area which would be dublin city or surrounding areas as I can travel no problem.
    I would like to simply have one lady on a regular basis who I can arrange to spend time with knowing I'll be happy leaving
    Without the negative aspects which can be involved in this business.

    Any suggestions greatly appreciated.


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    Have you had any luck with this? I'd be in a similar position

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stevewhite View Post
    Have you had any luck with this? I'd be in a similar position
    I always said that becoming a regular to a certain escort or escorts makes the encounters different. It takes a lot more off the whole mechanical stuff like the usual weather questions, thus making the encounter more personal. And god I love that! Xx

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