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    So I fancied a 30 minute session this morning. Searched local girls and one caught my eye (skinny, sexy, tanned, Spanish, etc)......... Phoned and arranged appointment. Arrived at location and got address. Met by girl (I did wonder was this actually her, but she was hot and because I was relying on memory of a profile pic earlier that morning, I proceeded with arrangement. I did question was she the girl I had phoned and I commented that she didn't sound Spanish.... I got a story about her having travelled as a younger woman, so accent was mixed,blah, blah.......

    Got home and visited EI again. Girl I meet was definitely not who I met. Girl I met was Romanian (admittedly looked like the original choice........).. Not inclined to leave a review because probably won't get published......... Anyone else have this experience?

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    Hey. Does any know if there's a Muster webcam lady?

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