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    Have been a member for many years and tend to just lurk due to my specific likes around submission and humiliation.

    Have met lots of girls and had some good session with people like Davina, Marsha and a few, but not many others. However i find it hard to engage with girls who are open to humiliation - PM is best but less and less people seem to reply - combination perhaps of my lack of reviews / activity and their reluctance on the scenario.

    I enjoy to be teased and tormented by a pretty girl, telling me how I will never be good enough for her and edging me to an orgasm - possibly instructing me or hand job, etc... and warning me I will have to clean up my mess - there can be other bits to it watersports, some spanking, etc... (all on me) but the key is control and humilation.

    I have seen lots of the dommes on here and being honest I don't find the full dominatrix thing does it for me - its more about being teased by a girl who is 'out of your league' and being humiliated - then BDSM.

    Anyway maybe I will get some interest and new play partners from posting here. Please also feel free to PM rather then post here.
    Based in Dublin.
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    CEI...c*m eating instruction

    I learned something new today!

    Happy Hunting honey

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    Which city are you in? X
    Making you horny and making you smile are two of my favourite things...oh and coffee...that too
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    Hi Nina,
    In Dublin - you can PM if your kind of thing and we can discuss?
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