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Thread: Massage wanted by single male 30.

  1. Default Massage wanted by single male 30.

    Massage wanted by single male 30. I am a Dublin based Male, and I am looking for an Asian / Chinese/ Indian woman in the City Centre areas of Dublin.1,3,7,9. I am only looking for someone who will do extras Thanks Garry Murphy ********Phone no removed ******PS I am not looking for people to compare massage services.
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  2. Default Are you really giving your name and number?????

    Man oh man oh man, edit this post now dude!!!!! This is unlikely to be a fruitful post for you but even so, fake number or no, I'd take it off of here man!!!!!
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    dublin or portofino


    dodgy. This has to be a wind up

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    The ad is genuine, I am just tired of going to places, and finding out that they either don’t do extras or won’t do extras, so I thought I would place the ad and see if I got any response. But I do appreciate your concern. Garry.

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    There are loads of places. Check out

    Almost all do extras, just ask up front. As to what extras, it varies. Some will only give a handjob, some will give a bj. Even in any particular place, there can be a couple of girls, and some will do more than others.

    But it is a bit of pot luck. Usually when I find a good one, I'll keep going back.

  6. Default massage cork

    any massage places in cork doing extras

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