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    Any lads or ladies on here and into their American Football ? I love it myself, just back this morning from Wembley for the Chiefs-Lions game. I'm a colts man myself (as the username suggests) wondering if there's any other supporters about ?

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    Pats fan. Pity about Luck this season, I rode him all the way to my fantasy league final last season, glad I didn't draft him this year. He was looking solid for a good while, still think he has SuperBowl in him.

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    Patriots all the way

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    holding a clipboard for Hasselbeck might be the very thing that elevates Luck from a guy with oodles of potential to the successor to Rodgers as no. 1 QB. He's got all the ability in the world, and the stones, but has to learn how to protect the ball. He might learn that during his time on the sideline. Still, the Colts should be ok to win that division, especially now JJ has broken his hand.

    The Pats are starting to look vulnerable. In fact, if anything they are now starting to resemble themselves at the start of last season - when Brady had no-one to throw the ball to. Similar situation now, but we're heading into the business end of the season. That loss to Denver might hurt, but they should still be good enough to get a seeding.

    Aaron Rodgers is finding the same thing as Brady. It's amazing how much the loss of Nelson has impacted that franchise. Cobb and Adams are trying to outdo one another in the dropsies stakes. Seahawks starting to come good at the right time. Wouldn 't bet against Wilson and co. making the big dance for the third time in a row

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