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Thread: New changes to the forum.

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    Default New changes to the forum.

    On refection they are not bad and I kind of like the new What's New set up.

    But in settings I really don't need or want to see the threads I have thanked, that is to much.

    I try to thank the post and not the poster. The only time this breaks down is when I post a new thread.

    My first reading of the comments are my most honest about how I feel about your reply's.

    On my second reading and my last I will probably thank your post for posting on my thread.

    Do I need to be reminded of that? No.

    I would agree (Thank) with a lot of comments on refection I would not agree with. Do I want to be reminded of that? No.

    Do I want everybody to see which post I thanked when thanking from the hip (shooting that is) NO.

    Just my opinion.
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    All Bull S--t
    and the site is getting worse by the day.

    Am finding it more difficult to find what i am looking for which is escorts, reviews, and where they are.

    The amount of hoops one has now to jump through,

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