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Thread: Great News From Canada

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    Default Great News From Canada

    Not only have Steven Harper's Tories and his anti sex worker colleagues been defeated, but Justin Treaudeau and his victorious Liberal Party are it seems committed to replacing the flawed C-36 law passed last November and its obvious intent to make life hell on earth for sex workers and criminalise clients!
    The Canadian Supreme Court mandated FundaMENTAList Christian PM, Harper, to bring in laws to protect sex workers' rights and his Government in particular his Justice Minister saw fit to bring in the exact opposite type of law!
    The game will be up for this insanity during the new Governments time!

    And our Fascist Government with their Fake Socialist enablers is going in the opposite direction from Canada, which is generally considered as the most civilized country in the world!

    Fantastic news from Canada and thee wonderful Canadian people!
    Ride them on the beaches!

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