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Thread: Dear Sherry part 2

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    Default Dear Sherry part 2

    Hi my princess thanks for meeting today as you know we have became very friendly on these boards over the last while. But I really was not expecting your marriage proposal . I tried to let you down gently explaining that although you are my princess I have a queen already and your job doesn't suit also you live in one of those countries ending in ski.that I can't even spell.
    Anyway the hospital managed to get stiletto out(do you want it back)?
    They also said my eyes would be okay and gave me stuff to rub on my private parts for the scratches and well as tetanus jab.
    And I should be walking okay in a few days.
    Yours lapped.
    Hope everybody has a safe, peaceful holiday season
    BTW there were actually 4 wise men, 1 was from Cavan hence 3 gifts

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