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    Any escorts on here who are willing to let a punter take nude photos off them ? First time client here up in Belfast and with the laws up here I'd prefer to meet a girl to ensure she's legit before diving in! So looking for a girl either in Belfast or who'll be visiting here soon, who would let me take some snaps of her during a paid session, nothing else. Potential for me to become a regular customer if it all goes well! Hit me up on this if interested, cheers

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    ^of course I'll take care not to include the girls face or anything like that, any other issues can be worked out

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    It is unlikely that any escort would agree to do this, especially ones that you have never met before.
    An escort would never allow a client to take pictures of her (even if you do not include her face) because there is no telling what you would do with those pictures. You could post them on any website and someone might recognise the escort from the pictures using birth marks or tattoos.

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    That's true but I'm struggling to come up with another way to make sure a girl is legit lol

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    Best way to find out if a girl is legit is too read her reviews from reviewers that have written more than 5 reviews.
    I as a rule avoid escorts that match any of the below conditions:
    (1) Pictures not verified
    (2) Does not allow reviews
    (3) Works 24 hours + how can a girl work 24 hours (does she not sleep )
    (4) Charges less than 80 euros for 30 mins.
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    Good tips, cheers

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    Great tips, Any other advise for a shy lad who is looking for an escort first time.

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    There is a section on this site where all the advise u will need is given. Since the new layout I can't find it.
    Read profile carefully as it avoids unnecessary questions. Be courteous and business like on phone. An experienced escort will help with any nerves. I found telling the girls I was nervous helped. . Make sure the donation is handed over immediately.relax and enjoy.

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    I am not sure how taking pictures of a girl while in a booking is going to ensure she is " Legit "

    Like mentioned, check for reviews
    See if she messages here on the forum
    This isn't the only website around so you can check for reviews else were
    Phone the lady and speak to her, check services before turning up and make sure the price is what is advertised.
    Do not bater or talk sleesy down the phone otherwise you won't be seen

    When you arrive, hand over donation, have a shower and you will be in for a good time
    Fun and friendly
    Sweet and sexy
    English BBW escort

    Enniskillen In may, Belfast Monaghan Dundalk in June!

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    Yeah, I agree with oldfool go to an escort that is experienced and well reviewed for your first time.
    Also, I would make an appointment on the phone with an escort 3-4 hours before the time you want and she will ask you to confirm the appointment 1 hour before by text message. If you cannot get in contact with an escort on the phone then try again 1 hour later. I normally ring 10 mins before the hour. Do not ring an escort more than 3 times in 1 day because if they do not answer the phone then that probably means they are finished work for day or are booked out.
    I found the link for Newbies to read before you visit an escort.

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