Hi guys

Sorry but I have not had a chance to let you know but I'm in Tipperary till Friday at 1pm the in Sligo Sunday week on Sunday And Monday. Dublin 21st 2pm to 10pm 22nd 9am to 10.30pm and 23rd 10am to 7.30pm only before heading to the UK


The tour dates I had up before now for my first Dublin, Wexford, Waterford, Killkenny and Dublin 24 have been cancelled till the issues with EI have been resolved, apologies.

When I'm going to be in Dublin on those I have mentioned it will be in Tallgh.

Soeey for any inconvenience caused. I'll have the times of my tours in Sligo & Dublin Tallagh on my www.ladyvinteese.com at 1pm tomorrow. And other Tour dates or any amendments up for October and November on my personal www.ladyvonteese.com site on the 28th of September 2015.

All the very best.

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Thanks. Xxxxx