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Thread: Urgent Please Read Last Day In Limerick,Tipp,Kilkenny,Waterford,Wexford,Dub,Sligo

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    Dick Urgent Please Read Last Day In Limerick,Tipp,Kilkenny,Waterford,Wexford,Dub,Sligo

    Hi guys thanks for taking the time to read this as many have been in contact to make bookings on this tour I will be doing over the next weeks. I am sorry but before I make contact with you regarding your request for your bookings I will first have to wait for Escort Ireland to get back to me as I have noticed that not only advertiser are not still able to post photos on the clients request and advertising forums which is what we are also ae paying for when we pay to advertise. But also any of the other forums too.

    Since spending 4 days just "trying" to make a payment and post my advert which should have gone up on Sunday, then Monday and today its now only going live so advertiser can see it. As you will see below I will be touring quite a few places around Ireland over the next 2 weeks however when I have checked the search in many of the favourite I offer, my profile is not showing me in these searches (and I am sure the other girls are having the same problem too). I am showing up only under Irish and the city I am in now Limerick whether this is still possible when I arrive to other towns and city, your guess is as good as mine!

    As I really don't wish to be touring around Ireland going to 7 places during this time and then the new website search not let clients find me when I am also paying Escort Ireland for this services too, I see no point in continuing with this tour unless this is resolved be Escort Ireland ASAP. I will email Escort Ireland and hope these problems in the search option will be resolved however if not then I will be looking for a refused but still touring so please check out my website tomorrow evening around 11pm for any new updates thanks.

    I will be touring even if you dont see my profile up here on Escort Ireland now or any time in the future, the first place to always look for my tour dates is on my private website and on my Twitter page as I am seriously thinking of becoming an none paying advertiser well if I don't get banned for stating the facts on the forums that is .

    My privat websie or you can check my dates out on my TWitter page too "HotMaureSexy Lady Von Teese" My telephone number is 085 170 5664 and if you wish me to take your bookings seriously then I would need Date, Time, How Long You Wish a Booking, And The Type of Booking Your Hoping To Share. Please sent me a text with all relevant information in one text message or to my And I will get back in touch with you as is the case with those still awaiting my response, if you dont hear back from me then please make contact via my private email or website address.

    Again Thanks you so much for taking the time to read this and look forward to catching up soon. Please remember to go to my private website or email address in future too. lxx

    And as there is no way of searching for a lady who offers NO unsafe and unprotected services also on the search option, I don't offer any unsafe or unprotected services.

    SEPTEMBER & NOVEMBER TOUR DATE in the Ireland and the UK

    Please read on......

    Limerick Sunday the 6th from 3pm -
    Limerick Monday the 7th from 11am- 10pm
    Limerick Tuesday the 8th from 11am- 10pm
    Limerick Wednesday the 9th from 10.30am - 11.30am

    Tipperary Wednesday the 9th from 5pm - 10pm
    Tipperary Thursday the 10th from 11am - 10pm
    Tipperary Friday the 11th from 10am - noon

    Waterford Friday the 11th from 4.30pm - 10.30pm
    Waterford Saturday the 12th from noon - 11pm
    Waterford Sunday the 13th from 11am - noon

    Wexford Sunday the 13th from 3.30pm - 10pm
    Wexford Monday the 14th from 10.30am to 10pm

    Kilkenny Wednesday 15th 10.30am - 11.30am

    Dublin 4, Wednesday 16th from 3.30pm - 10.30pm
    Dublin 4, Thursday 17th from 10am - 10.30pm
    Dublin Friday 18th fully booked
    Dublin Saturday 19th fully booked

    Sligo Sunday 20th from 4pm - 10pm
    Sligo Monday 21st from 10am - 10pm

    Dublin Tuesday 22st from 1 noon - 10pm
    Dublin Wednesday 23nd from 10.30am - 7.30pm

    I will be heading to the UK at 8.30pm on the 23nd for on week or two to celebrate my birday and will be holding booking in the UK from the 27th of September to about the 5th of November. Please check back to see November's new tour dates on the 20th of September in Ireland

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