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Thread: Possibly brothel in cork

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    Default Possibly brothel in cork


    I just noticed these two profiles in cork. Any with all the talk here over the last couple of days about whats illegal and legal , I thought it might be worth a heads up. Check out the background.

    Escort Ireland - Escorts - Cork Independent Escort: Sweet Anne - Irish Independent Escorts, Irish Touring Escorts, Irish Escort Agencies


    Escort Ireland - Escorts - Cork Independent Escort: Jess - Irish Independent Escorts, Irish Touring Escorts, Irish Escort Agencies

    i apologise if i am incorrect.

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    Default Well spotted

    Very sharp eyes and well spotted. Thanks for the heads up.There could be some innocent explanations for this too. They could simply have taken their photos in the same place (i.e. used the same professional photographer) or alternatively they could have stayed in the same apartment at different times. I know from my own experience that I have visited different escorts at different times in the same apartment and the girls were definitely independent. I guess the main reason being that their is a limited number of places that girls can reside safely/comfortably in any city.

    Anyways foretold is forewarned, thanks again.

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    Guys just one question.
    Im new to Ireland Escort and wanted to know where is different between Brothel and Agency?


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    For the purposes of the law, a brothel is regarded as anywhere where two or more escorts are operating out of, whether it be the same apartment, house or hotel room. They can be charged with keeping a brothel or allowing the premises to be used as a brothel for the purposes of prostitution. It does'nt matter whether the girls/guys/TSs or whatever are working independently for themselves or whether they are organised and directed by a pimp or agency.

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    Thank you very much for that answer.


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    i have visited this appartment twice in the last month and maybe 4 times in total. I would class this as an apartment that has whats known as a appointment friendly landlord... i.e. a landlord that knows that it is being used for escorting etc.. there are several of these apartments around cork as as i am a regular escort visitor i get used to being given directions to apartments i have visited before.. financially it makes sense for a landlord as he can issue short term leases to girls as slightly higher rates.. also the girls talk to each other and make each other aware of the availability of such aparments..
    technically in operation these apartment are not brothels but here is the key point LEGALLY if there are two girls operating out of the appartment then by the letter of the law it is a brothel. prosecutions are limited but if you can avoid being in a brothel do so...

    in time though people living in the other apartments in the same blocks will wise up to seeing new exotic ladies staying in the same apartment every week and here is the dead give awat men calling every hour... and eventually these apartments will have to be vacated..

    However there is one apartment which is definetely operating as a brothel for hungarian girls and more warning information on this should be published in my latest review sometimes tommorow... i have no problem visiting INDEPENDENT escorts but i will at all costs try to avoid funding brothels,,,,,

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