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    Just had a friend lose his apartment at reasonable rent in nice part of Dublin. Impossible to get another. He was 15 years renting, unblemished payment record.

    First of all when you rent, first meant to ask permission if yer away and someonebody wants to stayover and yer not going to be there, ask the Landlord. If not, you risk being accused of subletting and lose your place. That's what happened to her.

    Secondly you don't know what the friend is up to when you're not there.

    Thirdly, its very hard to call time on something that appears to be going okay as you never know when it will self destruct. Then the question goes-was it worth it! The invariable answer is. NO.

    Its hard to quit when yer ahead. You get lulled into a false sense of security. You may escape the heave once if you press pause, but invariably you get nabbed after you push the envelope again later. Better don't start pushing the envelope in the first place.

    Fourthly letting a lassie stay never mind a friend is a definite no, no.

    No matter how quiet or discrete, neighbours raise suspicions and some visitors act like brain dead buffons with no respect for people. When visitors are good they are very good, when they are bad they are horrid that is the work! Neighbours don't like the idea of the work or people calling for it. It simply is MORALISM.

    Simply put, don't do favours either for friends or a lady Full stop, you lose the apartment and maybe worse and thus ends in tears.

    My friend had a previous issues of friends leaving doors open. So it was a case of last strike, 0UT!

    If a lady wants to rent an apartment, let her do it herself and level with the landlord/landlady. Give the landlord/landlady the opportunity to agree or not. Because when you ask you don't lose. When you don't you're out. The landlady was nice about it. It was a case of 4 neighbours versus one person. No contest for landlady. People felt nervous cos of previous time, I don't think anything was wrong this time. The fear it might was enough.

    Learn from this if yer in this situation. Don't share if yer not there without permission of landlady.

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    so youre saying dont volunteer to turn your property into a brothel while youre away, ok got it.

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