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Thread: friends additions and groups

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    Default friends additions and groups

    How do you now add a friend.
    Where do u get access to groups?

    I like many others believe in the old philosophy.. if its not broken don fix it

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    Hi there,
    Adding Friends.

    First of all, you will need to post at least 3 times before this option becomes available to you.
    Your status will then change after 20-30 minutes from 'E-I Newbie' to 'Registered Users'*

    Once done, please follow these instructions and everything should be fine.

    To add friends, all you need to do is

    1: Go in to settings. (right side, near top)
    2: Friends & Contacts - Networking (Left side, near bottom)

    3: Type name in User name of (bottom of page)
    4: Add Contact or Add Friend

    This will allow you to view the profile.

    Or if you can already view profile.

    1: Go in to profile of chosen person
    2: Select Add Friend below profile picture.

    Or you can.

    1: Select 'Community' (near the top under What's New and Blogs)
    2: Members List (search for members there)

    I hope this helps you,

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