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  • Waterford

    9 33.33%
  • Limerick

    7 25.93%
  • Galway

    2 7.41%
  • Other places (Please say where)

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Thread: Where should we go?

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    Question Where should we go?

    Hi, guys!!! Where do u think we should go to work? We are having requests from everywhere, but we are not sure yet All ur answers will be appreciated. We dont know how that places look like.......
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    Why not hire my mobile nest and you can tour the country

    I know it looks small (the car ladies the car) but it has all mod cons and you can't beat looking up at the stars from the nest at night and it even has a built in washer/drier for the granny undies

    I was in Waterford over the weekend and it was heaving with people if thatís any good to you. Has a huge third level student population. Only problem with Waterford is it really only has the one really big Hotel. I would advise an apartment myself.

    The sunny south east would love to see the sexy senioreta's struff their stuff

    bensitos and pecks...
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    I voted other ie. My appartment
    Prefer if you girls would come to Dublin. I promise i will come and visit you this time.

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    stay in the real capital - cork

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buachaillbeag View Post
    stay in the real capital - cork

    Cant see them staying in Cork, and cant blame them either. Must have been a nasty shock and quite humiliating...

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    We are not going anywhere. Thanks the old hen

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    Please come to Belfast.

    I know I'll definately pay you a visit and I'm sure I'd not be the only one.

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    I only just read about this situation now and I have to say that I'm angry at the person who did this to you and I feel worried about you although I agree that it's highly unlikely that anything will happen to you and the Guards were just making a show on a soft target to show that they actually do some work

    Of course I would prefer that you come back to Cork but if you dont feel comfortable or safe I understand and I would miss you however I might be willing to go a little further to see you in Limerick.

    Good luck you sexy girls you have all my best wisheslove4

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    hey guys id recommend coming to athlone or longford..there are lots of apartments to rent and plenty of hotels also..there are rarely more than 2 or three escorts in the area so not much attention is drawn to anyone plus they do good business there from what ive been told.check it out and see for would do very good if ye visited!! xx

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