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Thread: Anyone remember Goddess Rebecca?

  1. Default Anyone remember Goddess Rebecca?

    Anyone remember Goddess Rebecca?

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    I do. I didn't see her though.

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    Is she also retired?

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    Gone a long time. My first mistress experience, she was very good indeed.

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    Goddess Rebecca...beautiful Woman on all accounts, departed Ireland in 2011.She decided to go to Canada,but soon went back to U.K. She did practice there for a while,but like some people,She had enough, i knew her well,enough to say that,She got fed up with,clients who could not understand She had a life as well and got stalked when ever She went out after Her working day was over.....She has returned to life on the other side..working and living Her life in full Vanilla mode..working in a normal job..Her words and Normal people ..Her words.....yes i do miss Goddess Rebecca as much as many missed that other good Dominatrix Mistress Tanya K, who i believe got married to one of Her subs and departed Ireland in 2006...the good one do go..but a new Dominatrix is born to take those open minded brain washed goes on...

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