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Thread: BigPaws - Whilst you were gone.........

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    Default BigPaws - Whilst you were gone.........

    Liz is still acting the maggot, I made my peace with her, shes alright really, but Dom and Epsilon still waste their time attacking her at every chance - Losers!
    Now you are back its like we have the King and Queen of Pantomine Villians

    Godfather is still a Grade A certifiable Nutter, "Gemma, Gemma, where for art thou, cry cry, weirdo weirdo"
    (Yet Pat still lets him post on here!)

    Pat is still being her usual loveable inconsistant self, but I would still pay for her spank my bad ass

    Dolly is still as mad as a New York Hatter, but still supremely fuckable. She has her own lube factory and makes fucking machines in her spare time

    Anna S is just sex on legs, still has bags of attitude, humour and a wicked sense of fun and long may she be so. I just want to fuck her and cuddle her at the same time!
    She should be renamed "The Body" - you remember what a sweet peachy ass she has right? Perfect perky tits and a pussy that tastes so good they should bottle it. (Oops I've just cum )

    QPH is still treating the board as one big psychoanalysts party - get help man - seriously - its just a faceless board.

    No sign of my one true love - Alexi D - No1 escort in the world

    Westie, he comes he goes, stamps around a bit, he comes, he goes, laughs at the laddo, he know the rest!

    Brenda is still demanding that we fuck her cunt - and someone actually objected!

    Anita is still power to the people - she says shes socialist but theres no sign of her being state owned!

    Malena and Carmen got into some weird ugly fight with Liz - Imagine!

    And thats pretty much it, every one else is normal - for them

    Oh and Gemma's stalking me for a change!

    Welcome back - let the fun begin!

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    Thumbs up Rory

    Thanks for that Rory, I missed quite a bit but you've managed to bring me back up to speed .............. and make me laugh at the same time!!

    Gone ........... and forgotten?

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    Quote Originally Posted by roryman View Post
    Now you are back its like we have the King and Queen of Pantomine Villians
    that should be pantomiMe villaIns.



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