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Thread: Hotel-based cheap escort; is this a red flag?

  1. Default Hotel-based cheap escort; is this a red flag?

    I'm not going to name names unless I'm asked to by an admin, but I called a TV escort just a little bit ago. She said she charges 70 for half an hour. Fair enough. When I asked what that included she said 'everything'. Okay, now that's -very- cheap.

    More worryingly, she said she's located in a hotel for incalls. That...kind of gives me a little suspicion. The escort also has 0 reviews, but I figured I may well just bite the bullet and be the first but between the absurdly low price, hotel for incalls, and the fact I could hear voices in the background (okay, sure, maybe they were just out shopping) I've kinda been thrown off.

    Are these considered red flags to avoid?

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    Think you answered all your own questions man. I would give it a miss sounds dodgy

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    I've visited loads of escorts in hotels, some charged less than others.

    You pay your money and take your chances with every escort with no reviews. But this said every escort has to start somewhere.

    If genuine pictures and allowing reviews, I say go for it.

    The worst that is likely to happen is your experience won't be that good, but then it might.

    It's only €70.

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