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    anyone got any info on the street scene in limerick,about 2 years ago it was walking with girls who had flats nearby,they seem to have dissapeared or maybe iv been looking too early in the night

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    Street scene here is dead, Its all done online these days!

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    is the well known brothel near a well known pub still operating where the ladies used to stand at the window,i used to go there alo but the irl i had numbers for told me they were returing home recently,i saw a girl inside the window there yesterday she was talking on the phone i was afraid to solicit in case shes not a working girl,i had some good times in that building

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    i discovered a top class young irish girl in limerick came to my hotel as well fantastic lady super personality fantastic girlfriend experince i never bother with the streets again

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    any chance of her name and number thanks

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    Saw a nice looking girl walking around Saturday night. Very nearly but I'll stick with lady's in appartments

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    was it in limerick thanks for reply

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    street prostitution still on in Limerick? No wonder.. it happened twice when the guy stopped his car and asked me for service last time i was there when i went out to buy something to eat but when he said he only have 50€, i thanks no straight away

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    I'm glad someone else is looking to

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    Please note that it is a breach of the forum rules to post the location of prostitutes, or to promote prostitution in any way. This forum is to discuss the issues or to provide any warnings regarding prostitution, and anything deemed inappropriate by the moderators will be edited.
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