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    Episode 3 - Special Olympics: The Games that changed Ireland

    In Ireland we used to talk about mental handicap, and before that retardation. There was legislation on our statute books that defined people with an intellectual disability as 'lunatics' and suddenly Ireland was involved in the Special Olympics, an international celebration of people with disability and hosting tens of thousands of people from around there world.

    We were united in the common cause of welcoming 30,000 athletes from 160 countries for the ten day event, the first time the Special Olympics would be held outside of the US.

    Insiders hears from the volunteers in remote towns in Ireland that were educated on the food and cultures of far flung places, twinned with people and places they hardly heard of for the Special Olympics.

    We hear the remarkable story of one village Ballygar in Co. Galway who hosted war orphans from Afghanistan and later rebuilt their orphanage -and who are now trying to find out what happened to them on their return.

    Insiders hears how an outbreak of the highly contagious respiratory disease SARs threatened the games and looks at the affirmative effect the Special Olympics had on the lives of athletes and their families.
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