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Thread: beware of cork scam near moores hotel

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    looking around by the back of college of commerce last night i saw a group of young teen girls get into a jeep with a man...20 seconds later i heard shouting and one of the girls told the man to hand over his wallet and his phone or they would call the guards as they were only 15.. I suspect that they were about 17-18 but they were trying to intimidate the guy by making him think he would be done for child prostitution. they got louder demanding his phone and wallet and i moved on at this point... i reckon this maybe a new scam so punters beware......

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    i saw them girls, even the regular girls moved away from them earlier

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    Was out early tonight, 8.00 ish. they were there again. seriously they looked fairly young and would want to be careful. they could meet the wrong guy.

    Also say thin girl wearing a pink tracksuit at parnell place. she was mid twenties, dark hair. Anybody try her or have any info.

    Was a bit early, and did not see anyone else.
    was out before christmas and scene was poor. What is the story at the moment.


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