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Thread: To Those Who've Already Seen & Played With Me.....

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    Default To Those Who've Already Seen & Played With Me.....

    On my lovely trip to Ireland last summer: You all have my Irish phone number, but as you know, or may not know..... I am not in Ireland right now, I am in New York City. I appreciate that you have continued to call me over the last 5 months, but the reason you did not get an answer, is because I am not in Ireland at the moment. But I assure you I will be back, and it's looking like February will be my next visit to Ireland.

    In the meantime, and this is ONLY for those who I've seen already, if you want, I can give you my American phone number to call anytime for a chat, or if you want to know my travel plans, want to say hello, or even want to hook up if you are flying to USA.... If we met on my last tour, then please email ( ) or private message me, and ask for my USA number and Ill give that to those who I've seen. Please mention where and when you saw me. Sorry I didn't offer my American number before this. Forgive me darlings. I just honestly assumed my Irish phone would stop ringing after a few weeks... but I had no idea that so many of you would keep trying to call and find me for 5 months still. And I am truely flattered and honored to have caught your fancy and apologize for not offering my USA number before this. Email me and Ill get my USA number right back to you.

    Talk to you soon darlings, and see you soon also. x Dolly Darling
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