My query is a bit embarrassing. I have a diaper fetish but I was wondering if there is anyone who do a yummy mommy/babysitter scene where you sniff an adult baby's bottom to see if they messed their nappy?

Scenario description/Suggestion:
Mom/Babysitter can be playing with the baby and ask them do they need a change as she is starting to smell something. She sniffs around them and thinks maybe it is a fart as they only changed them a while before that. They continue playing whatever game. Then when the smell lingers. Mom/Babysitter sniffs around the room in case anything was lingering from before. She then sniffs the baby's bottom then to see if it is a messy nappy. She do a change then and maybe sniff afterwards to ensure they are clean. I don't know if you want to add anything in but the smelling of the nappy is the biggest part.

It's not for everyone. If not maybe you would know of someone who would? How much would half an hour cost?