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    With the new laws coming into force recently I have been looking further afield for some fun while on Business trips. I had a weekend in Prague and came out of it really disappointed with the scene there. I was really disheartened with what my future prospects were.

    All that came to an end when I had to spend a weekend in Frankfurt and I paid my first visit to a FKK just outside Frankfurt. The club I went to was called The Palace.

    On the Friday evening I made my first visit. I was staying close to the Airport so I got a taxi there at a cost of €30. The entry to the club was €75. I received a towel and a robe and was directed into the club. I was given a key that had my locker number on it, the key fitted both the main locker in the gents changing room and a small locker in the bar outside the club room for my wallet. This was very handy when dealing with the ladies later on.

    I had a shower and entered the main club room wearing the robe and nothing else. What greeted me was about 40 women wear little or nothing. They were all a friendly. I moved around the room trying to find to get my bearings. There was a second bar which was much larger than the first, a large hot tub, sauna and steam room. There was a separate area where you can get a proper massage from a tiny Thai woman named Bea. I had one hour full body massage on my second visit and she was fantastic.

    Another thing you notice is abundance of bedrooms that are in a maze off the main club room. There is also a cinema with a terrace of beds where you and a girl can get very comfortable.

    On my first night I spent time with a girl called Angela from Egypt. We spent an hour together and had quite a bit of fun.

    I was working on the Saturday and so could not attend but was able to head over again on the Sunday. This time I spent about five hours in the club. I was very cautious this time around a took my time. Unfortunately my memory for names fails me and I cannot remember the names of the two ladies that I met that night. The first girl was German and stunning. We spent 30 minutes together and we had a great time. She was incredibly friendly and even after we had finished, we chatted for about 20 minutes after. I then went for my massage. When I had finished that I went back to the club room and met another lady from Romania. I was smitten, while she was not as pretty as the German girl, her personality shone through. We spent a very relaxing hour together.

    All the time there were beers available at the two bars for €6, unlimited free soft drinks and there was free food available every evening from 19:30.

    So to sum up:

    Very Safe
    Lots of girls
    Not very seedy

    Some girls can be a bit pushy
    Can get expensive

    Tips and tricks
    1. The bar near the entrance seems to be a solicitation free area. You can sit with the girls there and they will not approach you, They will also ignore you as well
    2. If you want a massage from Bea then head to the area as soon as you arrive in the club. She get booked up pretty soon.
    3. You will forget the other men that are there. They will fade into the background.
    4. Take your time. Enjoy the experience. Do not go with the first girl you meet. Tell girls you are not interested in that you are going to take it easy. If they are too demanding of you attentions, then head for the bar near the entrance or the hot tub for a bit of peace and quiet.
    5. If you don't bring (enough) money, there is an ATM there but you will need photo ID to withdraw money.

    If you have any questions feel free to PM me.

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