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    24 year old male. Munster area. Looking to lose virginity. Very nervous about ringing escort. Can any one help me out?

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    I lost mine like this. It was with Naughty Natalie, she is a true sweetie. She was also my 1st escort. I wouldnt recommend it simply because when people ask about you loosing your virginity you cant say you lost it to a escort, youll always have to lie about it.

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    Well you're not going to know until you make the call...

    I would say pick a girl who speaks good english with a large amount of reviews and tell her your situation, the way you want to lose your V-Card. Don't worry about it, you're unlikely to be the 1st she's de-flowered and the girls here are true professionals, they go out of their way to put you at ease but to also show you a good time.

    I kind of regret not losing mine to an escort too, since I've started seeing escorts, I've had some of the best sex of my life. Like I say - if you want something done right, either do it yourself, or go to a professional.

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    Find a girl you like, make sure she is well reviewed, PM or ring her and tell her its your first time, cant see a problem, natural to be nervous, it took me ages to pluck up the courage to finally see an escort but I neednt have worried, they do this everyday!
    Be respectful and clean
    Have a blast!

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    I lost my virginity to an escort when i was 18, nothing wrong with it.

    who says you cant tell people, all my mates know i lost my v to an escort and i know some of my mates did the same.

    Ring, life is short, your not the first scared shitless man she will speak too or see and ye wont be the last.

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    Hey hi recommend Thalia... Man check her photos...dream body, awesome girl.. 100's?of amazing reviews, and best rates me😉👌👌 Think she is in cork this month too.. She was in Waterford.but check her out or any girl u like. Ring them, they will do the talkin. Asknu for how long youd like time wise an when for.. Then just make a booking, call her 1hour befor u arrive an they give u excact address...easy as pie pal, tastes just as sweet too😄 and as the guy above says, losing to an escort was awesome!! Id hav done th same if I could in my day haha..losing virginity naturally with another virgin can be all awkard an not as enjoyable as it is when ur more experienced.. So let theses pro girls do their job an tell us all how if our advice was worth it.. U wont regret it, and as the first man said u dont hav to tell people u lost it to an escort (nothing that theres nothing wrong with ya,s girls!!) lol its just a bit taboo thats all.. But best of luck with it anyway..
    Be bold an be brave!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by limericklad456 View Post
    24 year old male. Munster area. Looking to lose virginity. Very nervous about ringing escort. Can any one help me out?
    My problem is that when you lose your virginity,,,how do you find it again...Have tried 'Lost and Found'

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    I lost mine to JessycaWild I would recommend her because she was courteous, friendly and it simply was like knowing her for years

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