I was just wondering is it possible to find any of the Ladies on there profile photos to actually be in the Killarney area? 2 times now I have taken a shot at a girl in killarney and both times not the girl in the photo. Now in fairness the first time was fine and I had a very nice time but it wasn't the girl in the photos... Tonight I tried again and it was a really nerve wracking experience. The woman I spoke too on the phone was really nice , perfect English , and everything sounded perfect .... Then the woman I met had no English . Couldn't understand what I was asking? Just stared at me blank and said no .... I have very little English . Is it possible to meet someone real in killarney ? On a different note why are so many women visiting the Tralee area and not Killarney ? Just wondering as I'm new too all this. Thanks for your help in advance.