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Thread: So how do you choose to see

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    Default So how do you choose to see

    I'm sitting in my hotel room about to celebrate a big contract deciding what to do. Do I go out for a few scoops as you say in Dublin or do I go and see somebody new. Maybe I'll do both!
    How do I decide?
    Do you go on the pictures in the profile, remembering even verified pictures are fake profiles?
    Do you go on reviews remembering alot are fake or are bartered for a cheap visit?
    Do you rely on people who you know are trustworthy reviewers?
    Do the list of favourites tend to sway you ( alot of these are at the whim of the escort or they want extra or depends on how you look)
    Do do the views in the forum when discussing the girls tend to sway you?
    Or do you just go with somebody who is tried and trusted and been seen by you before?
    Decisions? Hummmm! What to do?

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    So many questions, so little time, just getting ready for a few scoops myself so I'll let you ponder while im getting drunk

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    a philosopher once said that we spend so much time deciding how we will live that we end up not living.

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